The entire region of Iraqi Kurdistan has a population of almost 4 million people, covers an area of 40,000 square kilometers (15,000+ square miles) and borders Turkey to the North, Iran to the East, Syria to the West and the rest of Iraq to the South.

The region’s capital is Erbil, which can also be spelled Arbil or Irbil and is also known locally by the name of Hawler. After Erbil, the next largest cities are Sulamaniyah and Dohuk. These three cities are often the main travel hubs for visitors as you will typically have to travel between these cities in order to reach the more remote towns and villages. Of course, there are plenty of other sights, activities and destinations in Iraqi Kurdistan that are of interest to travelers.

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Kirkuk: Technically, the city of Kirkuk is under control of the KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government), however, it is located outside of the current border that is manned by Kurdish Security Forces. Kirkuk is not considered a safe destination for foreigners to visit due to heavy violence and even attacks carried out specifically against foreigners.

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For a Google Map that shows possible travel routes throughout Iraqi Kurdistan, click here.

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