Getting Started

If you’re interested in traveling to Iraqi Kurdistan, here’s a list of the most useful pages on this website to help get you started:

Safety: First and foremost, all travelers to the region need to be aware of the current safety situation. And while this semi-autonomous territory has been significantly less affected by the current violence in Iraq, it is important to be aware of the potential risks involved with traveling to Iraqi Kurdistan. Please read the “Safety” page for more information.

Visas: The visa situation is relatively straightforward for many nationalities. Refer to our “Visas” page to learn whether or not you need to obtain a visa ahead of time or if you can obtain one upon arrival.

Destinations: From Erbil to Dohuk to Sulamaniyah, here’s your chance to get to know the major cities and governorates of Iraqi Kurdistan. More information can be found here – Destinations

Sights & Activities: How does a traveler spend their days in this region? Check out the “Activities & Sights” page to learn about the villages, waterfalls, caves, hikes, neighborhoods, castles, ancient ruins and more that this land offers.

Getting There: Whether you prefer to fly directly into Iraqi Kurdistan or travel overland via Syria, Turkey or Iran, here are the details about every possible route – Getting There

Getting Around: While there are some buses in the region, traveling between destinations generally requires the use of an organized shared taxi system. Show up, wait for the taxi to fill up with passengers and off you go. Major routes, distances and prices can be found here – Getting Around

Money & Travel Costs: We’ve provided a complete breakdown of how much you can expect to spend on every aspect of your trip to Iraqi Kurdistan. Given the scarcity of ATMs, it’s important to plan ahead. Read the “Money & Travel Costs” section for more information.

Accommodation: Whether you’re traveling on the lowest of budgets or are looking for more comfort, there are suitable hotel options in all of the main cities. For more on what to expect, and even specific hotel recommendations, visit the “Accommodation” page.

Food: Although you won’t starve, food options may not be as varied as many travelers would like. However, there are indeed a few staples as well a couple of interesting culinary surprises (Spatzle, anyone?). Learn all about Kurdish food in the “Food” section.

Internet & Communication: Staying connected is much easier than you might imagine and it’s getting even easier all the time in this region. Here’s the details on how to stay in touch with others, either via phone or online, during your visit – Internet & Communication

Possible Itineraries: From North to South, East to West, it pays to know which routes will help you make the most out of your time in Iraqi Kurdistan – Maps & Itineraries

History of Kurdistan: For a chronology of the key events that have shaped the history of the Iraqi Kurdistan region, here’s a detailed timeline of the past 100 years – History of Kurdistan

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